Our world is known as Drekkiheminn.

Legends tell of a time long ago when our world was nothing but water, a great dragon and a titanic hero did battle here. When the hero slew the dragon, its body fell into the sea and became the continents, whilst the hero, tired from his battle, laid himself to rest inside the moon.

Today, the four continents resulting from this conflict stand divided and isolated, some more or less advanced than others, all looking toward what lies ahead.

Our current story takes place on the most northeastern part of the continent of Draconivium, also known as the Dragon’s head continent. This land is a war torn one, where arcane powers are scarce in all nations save one, and the drums of war threaten to beat again. Currently in the service of the Magocratical nation of Juron, our party attempts to halt the Romanian onslaught who carries their banner forward in the name of the mortal races, in an attempt to usurp the gods and place their demigod leader on the celestial throne.

Current Area Class Limitations:

Restricted – All Psionics – Extremely rare as they are still emerging, possible psionic potential is determined at 2nd level with a d100 roll.

Limited – Eastern Classes – The current campaign area is largely westernized in nature with only the nation of Juron standing as a major trade center between the continental cultures. Monks, Samurai, Ninja, Wu-Jen, Shugenja, and others of the like who carry Oriental influence are likely to be either from this nation, or will be foreigners to the land.

Banned – Druid – Nobody knows where the Druids of Eastern Draconivium have gone, but after the great schism war of 70 years ago and the firing and subsequent shutting down of a mostly unknown Romanian super weapon, they have all but vanished in this land, making druidic magic and related magic items a much pricier commodity.

Shattered World

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